Eddie The Egg

Eddie The Egg

Eddie The Egg is an illustrated cartoon character (that makes a great Easter Card or Gift) created by Jon-Paul McCarthy. Jon-Paul first created the Eddie The Egg Character & original stories and drawings/illustrations when he was just nine years old. The Adventures of Eddie The Egg illustrated children's books have had very little editing from the original writing in order to keep the essence of a child's world and way of looking at the world. The Eddie The Egg's Adventures of Eddie The Egg are available as illustrated children's books.

The Adventures of Eddie the Egg.

Leftover Land is a magical world that exists behind the cupboards in a small cafe. Years and years of food falling behind cracks and gaps and not being cleaned up has caused something EGGStraordinary to happen. The food turned mouldy and covered in fluff, when all off a sudden 'BANG' Leftover Land was created. We follow our EGGScellent Hard Boiled Hero Eddie the Egg, on his adventures saving his friends and protecting the land from the clutches of evil where the food is rotten.

Eddie The Egg adventures


Eddie The Egg

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enjoy The Adventures of Eddie The Egg.

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